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Q1 In QSports Lap Analysis Google map mode, why my track's curves are not that smooth compare to offline mode?
A1 Due to track points limitations of Google Maps, we needed to also limit the absolute number of track points displayed on the map, thus cause the track lines looks a bit jagged.
Q2 I have made a mistake by loaded my logged data into QTravel, how can I exchange my data from QTravel to QSport?
A2 The data cannot be exchanged between these two applications, if the data is still keeps in the device you may loaded the data from device into QSport.
Q3 What is the difference between logs on 1Hz and 5Hz?

1Hz: the device will log 1 waypoint per second and user can adjust the logging time interval by time, distance or speed in Software->Config GPS.

5Hz: The device will log 5 waypoints per second to provide precise log data when you are doing extreme sports activities and the logging time interval cannot be adjust.

Q4 I lost my travel charger and battery. Where can I find replacements for both?
A4 DC Input range of BT-Q1000eX is 4.5~5.5V. You can use a travel charger which support DC output range from 4.5~5.5V. You can also use a common mini USB cable to charge your unit via the laptop. Besides, the battery for BT-Q1000eX is compatible with Nokia phone series. The battery model is BL-5C
Q5 Can the logged data be downloaded by Bluetooth ?
A5 Actually it's okay for Q1000eX to download data via Bluetooth interface. However, since it is not stable and with lower download performance than that of USB interface, we don't recommend to download data via Bluetooth.
Q6 When I use software to read log from device, it appears "No Data in Device." Why?
A6 Q1000eX will not log invalid GPS data (GPS with no fix). So please make sure to log valid GPS data under open sky environment. If the logger still cannot log, please perform a reset in Software -> Config GPS.
Q7 My GPS seems to work abnormally. Is there any procedure to hard reset it?
A7 Yes, the reset procedure for GPS is simple. Just take out the battery and put it back after at least 5 mins. The device will be reset to default.