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When I use V4 SW and try to read the log on my Travel Recorder, it shows that it is reading 65535 bytes, but then the message comes up -- "No data in device." How can I read out this data?


You may use V3 SW to unselect some necessary options for V4 SW to draw tracks on Google Map. Please make sure to select "Date/Time, Valid, Longitude, Latitude, RCR." Neither one of these 5 options will result in V4 SW not able to read out data from Travel Recorder.


How can I adjust my device to 5Hz mode?


Please download the tuner tool, QstarzGPSView, from our website to adjust. More detailed instruction please refer to Q1300 user's manual 10-5, other models as well.


My navigation software does not support baud rate 115,200. How can I make it work via USB interface with Qstarz GPS?


When Qstarz GPS is connected via USB interface, the baud rate is fixed and should be set to 115200. If your software does not support this baud rate, please connect the device via Bluetooth interface whose baud rate is changeable.


My Travel Recorder can not log 5Hz data?


The update rate stands for the rate of GPS refreshing nmea data received from satellites. Thus 5Hz update rate only means GPS can receive or refresh nmea data 5 times per second, and it's irrelevant with 5Hz logging. So far all of Qstarz data loggers are only capable of 5Hz update rate but not 5Hz logging.