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Q1. How can I adjust my device to 5Hz mode?

Please download the tuner tool, QstarzGPSView, from our website to adjust. More detailed instruction please refer to Q1300 user's manual 10-5, other models as well.


My navigation software does not support baud rate 115,200. How can I make it work via USB interface with Qstarz GPS?


When Qstarz GPS is connected via USB interface, the baud rate is fixed and should be set to 115200. If your software does not support this baud rate, please connect the device via Bluetooth interface whose baud rate is changeable.


My Q1300 can not get fix indoors?


BT-Q1300 is the first super slim (0.7cm) GPS travel recorder in the world  and due to this unique feature, we are forced to apply one special micro GPS antenna which might bring some minor effect when you do indoor GPS fix. Moreover it still works excellently when you do regular GPS fix outdoor according to our lab research and we suggest our valued customer use BT-Q1300 outdoor especially for traveling with it's easy-carrying function. Please kindly understanding our design purpose and keep supporting us for better product development. Thanks much.


My Q1300 crashed. How can I make it back to normal status?


Please leave it until it drains out of battery and then Q1300 will be back to normal status.


When I use V4 SW to read log from device, it appears "No Data in Device." Why?


Q1300 will not log invalid GPS data (GPS with no fix). So please make sure to log valid GPS data under open sky environment. If the logger still can not log, please perform a reset in V4 SW -> Config GPS.