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Q1. Why does the GPS positioning fail even though the satellite signals seems to appear normal in my PDA?
A1. The reason might be that the GPS system has not been used for a while and it needs to be reboot. Follow steps below to reset positioning under the "Visual GPS(ver3.0)" application utility.
Connect to GPS->Connect using Serial Port->Set the "Com Port" and "baud rate"->Click "OK"
Q2. Under what circumstances does the "cold start" procedure being undertaken?
A2. If the time duration for a proper positioning is longer than two weeks or the distance of positioning is greater than 500 km away from previous location, then the "cold start" procedure is undertaken
Q3. Why does the position of the car drift around even when my PDA is properly positioned?
A3. This might be caused by the unstable satellite signals. Weak signals usually resulted from allocation in heavily blocked areas which will affect the positioning of the car in the map.
Q4. Q4. Why is there no sign of signal transmission in map utility program? And the positioning fails even though the GPS system is properly connected?
A4. This might be caused by the incorrect COM Port settings. Most of the PDA map utility programs do search for the GPS device. But in this case the GPS device is not found. It is suggested that you manually adjust the COM Port settings instead.
Q5. Why I can't get the positioning to work with my GPS at home or areas by the windows?
A5. GPS is really used for outdoor positioning navigation, and the satellite signal is difficult to be received at home. Especially, it takes a while to get the positioning to work for the very first time. Therefore, positioning must be done outdoor where satellite signal can be received.
Q6. What "Baud Rate" of QSTARZ GPS Receiver products will be set each?
  • BT GPS Receiver:
    BT-Q770: Baud Rate 38400
    BT-Q775: Baud Rate 9600
    BT-Q780: Baud Rate 9600
    BT-Q790: Baud Rate 9600
    BT-Q800: Baud Rate 115200
    BT-Q880: Baud Rate 9600
    BT-Q910: Baud Rate 38400 GPS Mouse:
    GM-Q772: Baud Rate 4800
    GM-Q774: Baud Rate 9600
    GM-Q778: Baud Rate 9600
  • CF Card GPS:
    GC-Q776: Baud Rate 4800
Q7. The satellite is orbiting in the outer space. Its signals are not as strong as the mobile phone, or radio. Before you start to use our GPS product, pls follow below notice when using it.
  1. It's better to use the GPS outdoor with wide space. GPS receiver could not calculate the position though the satellite signals if there are many tall buildings, metal stuff, and heavy forest around your GPS.
    Do not use the GPS under this kind of environment with the strong electric wave (around 1.57GHz). It's hard to calculate the position at this kind of environment, especially under the high tension tower.
  2. The "GPS-Alt" GPS calculate is different from an elevation (above sea level), because they are based on different standards. Please notes this when you use the GPS.
Q8. My GPS seems to work abnormally. Is there any procedure to hard reset it?
A8. Yes, the reset procedure for GPS is simple. Just take out the battery and put it back after at least 5 mins. The device will be reset to default.
Q9. My navigation software does not support baud rate 115,200. How can I make it work via USB interface with Qstarz GPS?
A9. When Qstarz GPS is connected via USB interface, the baud rate is fixed and should be set to 115200. If your software does not support this baud rate, please connect the device via Bluetooth interface whose baud rate is changeable.