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How do I know that the battery connected to the headset have insufficient power?


The battery power is almost exhausted when one or more following scenarios is happened:

The headset starts to reset automatically.
You can constantly hear breaks on the audio link.
You cannot connect the headset to the transmitter after several trials.

Q2. Why cannot I establish a connection to the headset?

Verify that the battery power of headset is not running low.
Check if the headset is powered on and the indicator LED of headset lights on.
Verify that the headset is within the specified range - 10 meters from the audio source.
Check if any other Bluetooth device has connected to the headset. If the headset is connected with other devices, the indicator LED on the headset is constantly on.
Turn both the headset and the audio source device off. Power on the headset on and then power on the audio source and try connecting again.

Q3. Why cannot I adjust the volume on the headset?
A3. The volume keys can be only adjusted in the music mode so far. The volume keys have no function in the cell phone mode.