Analyze diversified racing tracks in data-tables
1. Analyze diversified racing tracks


QRacing supports the most popular racing courses such as Circuit, Drag & Rally Race. Circuit racing is classified into 4 categories (Qualify, Sprint, Endurance, and Others) according to racing rules.
2. Lap and track analysis by various analysis tables


Four tables analysis categorized by Avg./Max./Min. Speed View, Sector View (Split-to-Split), Split View(Start-to-Split), and Point Current Speed View to show the single lap and best lap’s detailed information.

3. “Best Theoretical Time” and “Best Rolling Time” display


QRacing provides “Best Theoretical Time” and “Best Rolling Time” information, so racers can study and try to improve their performance.
4. Reference lap adjustable for lap comparison

QRacing sets the “Best Lap” as default reference lap. You might adjust to  specified lap for different purpose of comparison.
5. Horse power analysis


QRacing is able to estimate the average/max horse power of your vehicle with Drag race 1/4 mile run.