Never get lost on your way!!
QSTARZ launched the GPS QFinder, GF-Q900.

Taipei, Taiwan, Jun 15, 2009

Can not find your car in the parking lot? Can not figure out the direction for way back to your camp?

GPS QFinder, GF-Q900, is to be launched by global leading GPS brand QSTARZ today. With the digital compass and 8-directional arrows, GF-Q900 is a perfect homing device which will guide you to the marked location.

No matter you are going to use it for parking, fishing, camping, hiking, kayaking, tourism or even treasure hunting; it is not only handy but also very easy to operate. Firstly mark the current location before leaving; then just following the QFinder to find the way back to marked location. You will never get lost on your way!!

GF-Q900 is now available at the price of USD $79 / EURO € 79


Product feature

• 4 BackTrack points (A/B/C/D point)

• The estimate straight line distance measuring of the back track points

• LCD Display with Backlight

• Support Digital Compass with 8-directional arrow

• Support Temperature and Real Time (Time Zone adjustable)

• Adopts SiRF Star III GPS GPS chipset

• High sensitivity -159dBm and 20-Channel tracking

• Smart power saving and operate on 2 AAA batteries (not included)

IPX-6 Water resistance


For more information about GF-Q900 QFinder, please go to http://www.qstarz.com for product detail.





QSTARZ INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd is a professional consumer GPS and Bluetooth products provider. We sell our products under QSTARZ brand to more than 50 countries. Through our best quality and excellent performance, we won a lot of awards from worldwide professional media. QSTARZ will continue to introduce more products and lets the GPS technique become part of your joyful life, not only navigation.

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