Regarding Google Map can’t be normally displayed on Qstarz software, we have modified the Google Map API in order to meet Google’s new authorization rule. Please click below link to download and install the latest Qstarz software version. Besides, Google no longer support Qstarz software to export HTML file and save Google Map in local storage function. Qstarz will remove the option of exporting to HTML in QTravel/QSports/QMileage software

Download Below:
QTravel v1.51
(for Models: BT-Q1000XT/BT-Q1000XTM/BT-Q1000EX/CR-Q1100P/BT-Q1000X/BT-Q1000P)
Bug fixed:
‧Fix the unstable situation when adding place mark and photo.
QSports PC Suite V4.0
(for Models:BT-Q1300ST/BT-Q1300S)
QMileage v1.25
(for Models:BT-Q1000XTM)
DataViewer v1.36
(for Models:BT-Q1000XT/BT-Q1000XTM/BT-Q1300ST/BT-Q1000EX/CR-Q1100P)