BT-Q1000eX, Recommended Award, 03-2010

Overall QSTARZ 5Hz GPS Recorder is a high quality product that delivers what it promises and comes with good quality software to finish the job when you're back in front of your computer. Definitely recommended.

BT-Q1000eX, 9 of 10 points, 03-2010

We dare to recommend this product for quality, design and presentation.

BT-Q1300S, Recommend award 11-2009

Fantastic device, great design, funky and sleek.

BT-Q1300S, 4 of 5 stars
ComputerIdee Magazine 10-2009

When the Sports Recorder registers the right data, it is a very useful tool to stick training targets.

BT-Q2000, Recommended Award 06-2009

Very suitable for Digital Photographers, who would like to Geotag their pictures.
Two important reasons are the clear LCD screen and the user friendly software of BT-Q2000.

BT-Q1000X, Recommended Award 05-2009

Quick GPS Fixed, excellent exactness, small and easily, long battery life

BT-Q1000X, Recommended Award 05-2009

421 points, Good product award