QSTARZ supports a great professional racing school– Superbike-Coach

Taipei, Taiwan, JUL 22., 2011

QSTARZ is pleased to sponsor Superbike-Coach, which is an advanced motorcycle riding school in the USA. Thank Superbike-Coach for choosing QSTATZ product called BT-Q1000eX GPS Lap Timer as a part of their school program. BT-Q1000eX GPS Lap Timer can perfectly help Superbike-Coach teaches their students (ideal line, lap time analysis).

An American professional racing school uses QSTARZ, and you? Come to experience the magic of BT-Q1000eX with QSTARZ right now!

Brief Summary of  Superbike-Coach Corp.

Superbike-Coach Corp. is founded by Can Akkaya in May, 2009. Coach Can is an approved Instructor from Europe with a wide band of experience, and coached all rider levels and ages. Just 5 month later, the brand Superbike-Coach has become a meaning in California’s motorcycle scene, with an extreme growing rate. The professional service extends about: Road Skill (for street riders), Track Drill (for racer and track day rider), Setup Course (for racer and street rider), DMV Skill Test Prep (for rookie street rider), and our Wheelie Course (street rider and racer). Superbike-Coach helps all categories of riders and ages to get higher riding skills, in groups and individual programs.




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