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High performance & Solid GPS-based Data Recorder
Qstarz BL-1000ST provide the highest performance, longest battery life and POI management which is especially excellent for Commercial Application such as GIS Data collection, Behavior research, Transportation research, or product delivery. With its reliable and durable design, BL-1000ST will be definitely your best choice to make your research or business more efficient. And no doubt it’s cost-effective.
How it benefit
How it work
Hardware Features
  • Bluetooth 4.0 GNSS(GPS+GLONASS+QZSS) Travel Recorder
  • High sensitivity GPS+GLONASS enabled Data Recorder
  • Bluetooth interface to instantly add GPS to mobile phones
  • AGPS and SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN) support
  • Support SD Card logging and no worry multiple-day track logs
  • Removeable and rechargeable Li-Ion battery to ensure full track logs
  • Ultra-low power consumption: 25 hours with Bluetooth connected and 30 hours without Bluetooth connected
  • 5 LEDs and Beeper integration to indicate device status
  • Support POI button to memorize your point of interest immediately
  • Integrate Acceleration sensor to smartly manage power saving and movement detection
  • Micro USB port for Charging and data downloading
Software Features

DataViewer™ - Raw Data Manager
Trip Raw Data downloading software to advance manage data for diversified applications.

  • Read and view the logged track data easily
  • Output your track records to GPX / NMEA / KML / CSV / BIN file format
  • Support GPS device configuration, Erase data, or reset device
  • Auto updating AGPS
  • Support SD Card logging and no worry multiple-day track logs
  • Multi-language support

Qstarz BLE GPS View - Tool App available on App Store or Google Play

  • Show the GNSS status information (GPS/GLONASS)
  • Show Satellite distribution and GNSS signal strength chart
  • Support recording GNSS data after GNSS position fixed
  • Save GPS records and export as CSV files

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