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  This product is discontinued, and it’s no longer available.  



What is 10 in 1?

• Track Logger

• Cycle Computer

• Location Finder

• Digital Compass

• Route Guider

• IPX-7 waterproof

• E-Temperature

• QPlanner software for route pre-planning

• QSports software for health management

• QTravel software for travel logging and geotagging


Route Guider

Pre-plan your route in QPlanner software and upload to device for navigating


Location Finder

Always finder your way by 4 location back (A/B/C/D) waypoints


Cycle Computer

On-screen display valuable GPS sports data




Hardware feature

• Large LCD display with backlight support : 38 x 32mm 1.8" for instant GPS information

• Multi-function handheld GPS with Sport GPS mode / Location Back mode / Route Plan mode

• Sport GPS mode can display info as Odometer/Distance/Current Speed/Max Speed/Average Speed/Azimuth/Temperature/Calories/8-directional compass/Total Time/Current time.

• Location Back mode can mark 4 waypoints (A/B/C/D point) - the estimate straight line distance measuring of the location back points

• Route Plan mode can support 1 route with 99 turn points, which can advise remaining distance/direction/time to target point

• Support pre-loading 4 Location Back points and pre-planning 99 turn points of route

• Track Log up to 42,496 waypoints

• Smart power saving and support 25 hours usage (22hrs with backlight)

• Adopts latest GPS chipset with high sensitivity -159dBm

• Excellent performance - Cold/Warm/Hot start time: 42/38/1 sec. (average)

• Time zone and distance/speed unit adjustable

• Waterproof design with IPX-7 class

• Download data via mini USB interface

• WAAS and EGNOS support