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  This product is discontinued, and it’s no longer available.  


QFinder utilizes the GPS technology to mark your desired locations and allows you to be back to the locations later at anytime by the precise digital compass with 8-directional arrows. It's a pretty practical tool in terms of hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing, parking, and traveling.

• 4 location back points (A/B/C/D point)

• The estimate straight line distance measuring of the location back points

• LCD Display with Backlight

• Support Digital Compass with 8-directional arrow

• Support Temperature and Real Time (Time Zone adjustable)

• Adopts SiRF Star III GPS GPS chipset

• High sensitivity -159dBm and 20-Channel tracking

• Smart power saving and operates on 2 AAA batteries (not included)

• IPX-6 Water resistance

• Support standard NMEA-0183 protocol


Compass Mode : QFinder can be a digital compass. Arrow will always point north.

Temperature Mode: QFinder allows to check current temperature.

Location Mode: Simply guide you to the location A/B/C/D and show the straight line distance.


How QFinder being used?

Mark A for your great sight seeing location.

Mark B for your camping point and you can easily return it after walk down to forest.

Mark C for your hottest spot with most fishes.

Mark D for your kayaking destination.

Mark D for your parking position. Help you find the car in a parking lot.

Mark A for the tourism rally point.

Treasure hunting game
Mark your treasure location and pass it to kids to play treasure hunting game.