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QRacing V2 Revolution


QSTARZ unleashed the latest version of QRacing. QRacing V2 owns more friendly, fun and professional functions to progress your racing results. What are special and stunning features of QRacing V.2? Let’s check out.


A. Analysis

There are four tables for different analysis, Avg/Max/Min Speed, Sector View (split-to-split), Split View (start-to-split) and Point Current Speed View. It will highlight the best record of each analysis table and the fastest lap time to help you analyze your racing data.

Map View (Show different color in Speed+Acceleration graph)

In Map View, you can give tags on the track or on the graph line with three different colors, red, green, and white. You can mark the position for define accelerate point or brake point purpose. After setting up beacons, change to Analysis page, and you will see the analysis data of your race.

Replay View (add G-Value display)

Click the play button on the status bar. It can replay the selected 3 laps and display the racing information by time, speed and G-value simultaneously.
G-value is a new feature added in QRacing V2, it will display the G-value meter on the bottom screen and also G-value line on the track for reference.


B. Video

This function is added in QRacing V2. QRacing can sync the racing video with the track. In the status bar, click on the Video page to start set the video.


QRacing supports up to 9 video files max with media format (avi, mov, wmv, mp4, and mpg.) However, you might not be able to play some of these media files, depending on which CODECS were used to compress the file and which CODECS you have installed on your computer.


Find the position in video. And anchor a point on the track which presents the same position in video.


C. Google Earth

This function is added in QRacing V2. This function can export your track and automatically display it withGoogle Earth program. (Note: Google Earth program needs to be installed in your computer.)


D. Screen Capture

This function is added in QRacing V2. It can help to capture pictures for the working area in QRacing as follows. And the capture file will be saved in the folder, QRacing_Workspace.

E. Beacon

If you know the coordinate position of the beacon you want to place, you can find in Menu --> [Beacon] --> [Input Reference Coordinate], and input the Latitude and Longitude to mark your beacon’s position.



Other new features of QRacing V.2

  1. Add Best theoretical time display and Best rolling lap display
  2. Support adding break and accelerate point on the track
  3. Add Note column in Comparison
  4. New Drag racing analysis table format
  5. Add  link to visit Q1000eX on Facebook


To know about more QRacing V.2, please see the online users Manual.