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Q1 How can I adjust my device to 5Hz mode?
A1 Please download the tool ”QstarzGPSView” from Qstarz website for adjustment. More detailed instruction please refer to the Q1300S user's manual 7-5. Other models are as well.
Q2 My navigation software does not support baud rate 115,200. How can I make it work via USB interface with Qstarz GPS?
A2 When Qstarz GPS is connected via USB interface, the baud rate is fixed and should be set to 115200. If your software does not support this baud rate, please connect the device via Bluetooth interface whose baud rate is changeable.
Q3 My Q1300S took long time to get GPS fixed. Why?
A3 BT-Q1300S is the first super slim (0.7cm) GPS Sports recorder in the world. Due to this unique feature, we are forced to apply one special micro GPS antenna which might need a bit longer time more when you do GPS fix.
Q4 My Q1300S crashed. How can I make it back to normal status?
A4 Please leave it until it drains out of battery and then Q1300S will be back to normal status.
Q5 When I use PC_Suite SW to read log from device, it appears "No Data in Device." Why?
A5 Q1300S will not log invalid GPS data (GPS with no fix). So please make sure to log valid GPS data under open sky environment. If the logger still cannot be logged, please perform a reset in PC_Suite SW -> Config GPS.
Q6 Will your device work with the iPad or iPhone?
A6 Our device can support iOS by "Jailbreak" the iPhone/iPad and use the application “Roqy” to connect external Bluetooth GPS antenna to your iPhone/iPad. Please refer to the website below : http://www.roqy-bluetooth.net/wp/
Q7 Is there any way to get the software for a Mac?
A7 All of our software does not support mac OS.
The alternative way is using the following third party software.
Download log data:
Q8 Could you provide a Linux driver?
A8 So far all of our software does not support Linux platform. However, there is a third party software which is Linux compatible with our products. Below link is for your reference:
Q9 How can I change the NMEA sentence?
A9 Please download the tool “QstarzGPSView” from Qstarz website to adjust NMEA sentence.
Q10 How can I transmit log file to an Android phone via Bluetooth? It is able to pair but cannot connect.
A10 Please download free software ”Bluetooth GPS” and “Mytrack” from Android Market. Download the data files via Bluetooth from BT-Q1300S to your Android smart phone. Please refer to the website below:
Q11 What is the “drift function” means?
A11 The “Drift” function is to correct the way points by delete the low speed way points.
Q12 Why the track recorder’s recorded track points is far away from the actual position?
A12 The drift point may be caused by slow speed or when you stay at a fix position for a while.
Q13 I get a message that says "FAILED TO CONNECT GPS MODULE. “ Can you help?
A13 Please Check connection COM port at Windows Device Manager -> Com&LPT -> GPS USB…..or CP210X…… And Manually select connection COM port at Software>Config GPS and test again.
Q14 I am having trouble to Upload AGPS data. What can I do?

Please download QstarzGpsView and download AGPS from Setup->Update AGPS.

Q15 How can I geotag my photos?

The GPS real time is based on UTC/GMT+0 time. What you have to do is to change UTC/GMT to your local time zone by selecting Display time zone in software.
And set the correct local time with your camera. When you import the pictures from your camera, the photo time will be synchronized automatically with the local time.

Q16 How can I set the time on the GPS unit?

Sorry, you could not set the GPS time, all Qstarz GPS products is using the universal UTC/GMT time.
This means no matter where you use the device, the GPS time will be the same (UTC/GMT time) and the GPS device time could not be changed or modified.

Q17 Why am I getting the Google Maps API error message pop up and cannot use the map function, what can I do?
A17 Please download and update to the latest version of the software from our website to solve this problem.