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DataViewer detailed records and integrate whole information to help you complete your business and research targets. DataViewer also provides POI management function and raw log data to make you analyze efficiently by your approaches according to your needs.

1.Support read log data from device (automatically recognize com port,
or manually specify comport).

2.Support clear log on device.

3.Support device configuration.

  *Log criteria (speed, time, distance)

  *Log format (Valid, DSTA, DAGE, PDOP, HDOP, VDOP, NSAT, SID, levation,
.........Azimuth, SNR, RCR, etc.)

  *Full/Stop mode

  *Device memory usage

  *Device name

  *Beeper Turn On/Off, POI Turn On/Off

  *A-GPS update

4. Support Save and export files (Format: nmea, csv, kml, gpx & bin file)


The information is shown by table. The table above illustrates each track whole recorders. The table below shows the detailed information of each track you choose.


The track is shown on Google map and Google Earth.


Software options: you can set Unit and Coordination / Track / Time Zone / Language.