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Notice! Will my GPS device stop working regarding the issue of GPS Week Number Rollover?

Please click here to read the detail about Qstarz statement about the GPS Week Number Rollover (WNRO) issue. Check your model and follow instruction to do next step.

Q1 How can I know if my memory is full?
A1 If you see the orange memory light is turning on, then it means the memory is full.
Q2 When I use QTravel Software to read log from device, it appears "No Data in Device." Why?
A2 CR-Q1100P will not log invalid GPS data (GPS with no fix). So please make sure to log valid GPS data under open sky environment. If the logger still cannot log, please perform a reset in QTravel -> Config GPS.
Q3 How can I turn off the Vibration Detector?
A3 Please disable the Vibration Detector from QTravel->Config GPS-> and uncheck “Turn on Vibration Detector”
Q4 Why the track recorder’s recorded track points is far away from the actual position?
A4 The drift point may be caused by slow speed or when you stay at a fix position for a while.
Q5 How can I turn off the buzzer?
A5 Please turn off the buzzer from QTravel ->Config GPS and uncheck the “Turn on buzzer” function.
Q6 Why am I getting the Google Maps API error message pop up and cannot use the map function, what can I do?
A6 Please download and update to the latest version of the software from our website to solve this problem.