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Q1 I lost my software license key. How can I apply for a new one?
A1 Please email your product serial number (below the barcode on the back of the device or on the color box) to us to get a new license. But please notice that this key application is just allowed once. It's important to keep the key in safe.
Q2 My tracks seem to be on wrong position where I have never been. And there are straight lines across the map. Why?
A2 When GPS is situated in low speed or not moving at all, the GPS position will drift including speed and altitude. This is because the born limitations of GPS design. Every GPS chipset in the market all have this phenomenon.
Q3 Why the track recorder’s recorded track points is far away from the actual position?
A3 The drift point may be caused by slow speed or when you stay at a fix position for a while.