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System Requirement

Lap Timing Analysis Expert

QRacing, a specially-designed Lap Timing Analysis software for Racing performance improvement. QRacing can support diversified Racing type such as Circuit Racing, Drag Racing & Rally Racing, then analyze each Racing type’s best lap. No need complicate setting and you can easily view your Racing track in graph chart. Compare your racing tracks yourself, with friends or record-holder to improve record. QRacing will definitely be a simple-to-use but professional software for Racing capable people.

Flexible and easy to edit beacons and import/export beacons

It’s very important to edit beacons before timing your race. This will make QRacing calculate the data for your race. QRacing design very useful beacon setting for racers to make, edit, delete, import, or export beacons easily.

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Analyze diversified racing tracks in data-tables

QRacing support the most popular racing course such as Circuit, Drag & Rally and can make analysis with various analysis tables. Besides, it also provides “Best Theoretical Time” and” Best Rolling Time” information for improvement and reference.

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Racing track analysis in graph view

Just drive or ride with Qstarz GPS Lap Timer products to record racing data, then QRacing can simply analyze the best single lap and related analysis in graph view. Compare and replay up to 3 lap data simultaneously with G-value information.

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Video integration and playback

QRacing can synchronize the racing video with the track and support up to 9 videos at the same track. Replay it with track to enjoy your driving.

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Compare your tracks or Ignore Laps

QRacing supports to compare your track with your own races, your friends or best record-holder under the same race field. Besides, you can also ignore any lap such as sighting lap.

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User-friendly interface and convenient setting

QRacing is a database-structured lap timing analysis software to provide diversified track analysis. You can import or export tracks for further purpose, and QRacing design multi-language interface for users to operate it conveniently.

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