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Q1. I want to merge tracks from different project files into one project file. Is this possible?

Unfortunately different project files can't be merged together. The only way to load tracks into a project file is from GPS device directly.
However, we are planning to put this feature in the next few releases. Thanks for your patient waiting in advance.


The height value of log data is consistently 40m-50m more to the exact value? Why?


The height you see from GPS is not the height above sea level but the height above sea level plus geoid above WGS84. And because geoid above WGS84 is a relative average height of Earth, the value of it may be negative. There still exists some limits on altitude value of GPS. We suggest you this value is only for your reference.

Q3. I want to import tracks into a project file such as BIN, GPX, KML, or other file formats. Can I do it?

For security reason, the only way to load in tracks into a project file is through GPS device directly. We're sorry for making your inconvenience.

Q4. My photos are not on the right location on map?

It might be the daylight saving time issue.
Please adjust <Photo Time Zone> in Option and <Display Time Zone> one hour behind to match the correct positions of your photos in V4 SW.
Or update the software to V4.3 or later which includes daylight saving time option to solve this problem.

Q5. After lading my log data and photos in V4, my photos all stick on one spot, the beginning of the track. Why?

Your photo time is not within the track time range.
Please check your track time range from track properties and photo time range from 1 st photo to last one. Use "Shift photo time" or change time zone to make sure all photo time is located in track time range.

Q6. Can the software write GPS info to RAW file format?

So far our software does not support RAW writing yet, but the following software can support RAW writing which accepts track files exported by our software for your reference.

Q7. I typed in the key but the software reported as wrong key?

Please double check the combination of the key or execute windows program " Regedit.exe " and find " HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Qstarz Applications\TravelRecorder\OptionsSetting\ RegProdKey_QStarz " and directly paste your product key.

Q8. I lost my software license key. How can I apply for a new one?

The software key application is easy. Just email your product serial number (below the barcode on the back of the device or on the color box) to us to get a new license . But please notice that this key application is just allowed once. So it's important to keep the key in safe.

Q9. My tracks seem to be on wrong position where I have never been. And there are straight lines across the map. Why?

When GPS is situated in low speed or not moving at all, the GPS position will drift including speed and altitude. This is because the born limitation of GPS design. Every GPS chipset in the market all have this phenomenon. We will add a new feature called "Auto Filter" in software to lower down this phenomenon.