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Where can I download the Visual GPS with PC version?

A1. Pls go to below website to download:
Q2. Where can I download the Visual GPS with Win CE version?
A2. Pls go to below website to download:
Q3. How can I run the "Visual GPS" program with my PC to test GPS Receiver?
A3. "Visual GPS" will be functioned with a Bluetooth enabled GPS receiver only if the GPS receiver outputs NMEA data.
Please note that each Bluetooth device on the PC may work differently. Some Bluetooth devices require you to establish a connection before applications can access it using the serial port. Make sure that you enable the connection using your Bluetooth dongle's attached software such as Widcomm, Toshiba or BlueSoliel software before using the GPS application. Also take note of the serial port used for the client connection. Typically it is communication port 8. However that could differ.
Q4. I run the "Visual GPS" program but nothing happens. What should I do?

Our products that communicate with a GPS receiver expect to receive NMEA data through a serial communications port. Make sure that the GPS receiver is setup to output NMEA data. Some GPS receivers can communicate in both the NMEA protocol and their own proprietary communication protocol. The standard communication parameters are the port number and baud rate. The port number will vary depending on the drivers and the system.

  1. Make sure that the GPS receiver support NMEA output.
  2. Make sure that no other programs are accessing the serial port. Since the serial port is a mutual-exclusive device, only one application can access it at any one time.
  3. Make sure that the communication settings are as the manufacturer recommends.
Q5. I see data from my GPS Receiver, but none of the controls are worked?
A5. Most GPS receivers output a standard protocol defined by NMEA. This protocol holds information about the position, satellite status and other navigation status. Some GPS receivers send a selective few commands while others have the ability to enable or disable specific NMEA sentences.
Get below supported NMEA sentences:
Our products support a specific set of NMEA sentences from the GPS receiver. They are:
  • GGA : Global Positioning System Fix Data - reports time, position and fix related data
  • GSA : GNSS DOP and Active Satellites - reports which satellites are being used for navigation and DOP (dilution of precision) values
  • GSV : GNSS Satellites in View - reports the signal to noise ratios for each satellite tracked as well as the azimuth and elevation of each satellite
  • RMB : Recommended Minimum Navigation Information - Reports cross track error, destination waypoints, range to destination, bearing, etc.
  • RMC : Recommended Minimum Specific GNSS Data - Reports position, speed, course over ground and date
  • ZDA : Time and Data - reports time and date
Q6. What is NMEA Data?
A6. NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) data is a standard language most GPS receivers communicate with. It is an ASCII data representation of position, satellite data and other data associated with the GPS receiver. Below is an example of a NMEA sentence:


This sentence contains the position of N 33' 48.784" latitude, W 117' 54.064" longitude and an altitude of 66.2 meters. The time is showing 06:00:03 UTC.